Our Platform

The first-ever platform for comprehensively programmable medicines.

We are creating new classes of programmable medicines with a unique approach that deconstructs a rich and under-explored programming language provided by nature.

Reaching full programmability

Senda applies deep molecular profiling and advanced analytics to natural nanoparticles and information molecules, like mRNA. By combining our knowledge from both, we can program both within and to the cell.

* Process applicable to other modalities; e.g. gene editors, peptides, nucleic acids, etc.

How our platform works

Senda Atlas

Identify and map

First, we apply high-resolution molecular profiling to measure the compositions of natural nanoparticles spanning the tree of life—building a unique database of the subcomponents of natural nanoparticles.

The vast array of natural nanoparticles that make up the Senda Atlas.

Program to the cell

Next, we use the Atlas to program nanoparticles with desired bioproperties, such as targeting to a specific tissue or cell.

Natural nanoparticles being programmed.

mRNA Engine

Program within the cell

Our mRNA engine enables programming and synthesis of mRNA for the specific properties, including sub-cellular localization and therapeutic function we intend to drive within the cell.

mRNA being programmed.


Program SendRNA™

Next, we combine our programmed mRNA and nanoparticles to create SendRNA medicines that are subsequently evaluated in an experimental system.

A newly formed SendRNA molecule.


Expanding our programming capabilities

Experimental data for SendRNAs are loaded into a digital backbone that informs an ever-expanding body of information and enables application of advanced analytics—including artificial intelligence and machine learning—to continually enhance the programming of SendRNAs.

Our platform’s learning cycle starts in the Atlas, carries through to mRNA, SendRNAs, and testing, and feeds back into the Atlas.

Creating better medicines faster

  • +50k

    Molecules profiled and mapped in the Senda Atlas

  • +100

    Unique SendRNAs already programmed and tested successfully in pre-clinical studies conducted in rodents or non-human primates

  • 1 week

    Current time from extraction to functional readout for one SendRNA

Medicines with unlimited possibility

We are pioneering new classes of fully programmable medicines with therapeutic potential in infectious, genetic, metabolic and autoimmune diseases as well as oncology.

Meet Our Team

We work at the frontiers of science, technology, and business to deliver transformational medicines to patients in need.