Leading the advent of programmable medicines

Senda is harnessing millions of years of evolution to program targeted, potent and tunable medicines.

What if we could program any cell in vivo – anywhere in the body, for any type of cell function, using any route of administration?

It turns out – nature has been doing this for millions of years, providing the codes to program within human cells. This understanding has driven a revolution in the development of nucleic acid-based medicines.

But nature also provides codes to program to human cells – using what surrounds them. Within the human ecosystem, trillions of coevolved non-human cells continuously exchange molecules with our own cells.

This intricate exchange – including the use of natural nanoparticles that have evolved to precisely shuttle biomolecules into human cells – provides the missing pieces to fully unlock programmable medicines.

The Senda platform – harnessing nature’s codes for programmability

The Senda platform is a one-of-a-kind approach that deconstructs the codes provided by nature to harness them for therapeutic purposes.

Senda is creating the first ever atlas of nature-derived programmable systems at the molecular level and across all kingdoms of life – accessing the entire code provided by nature required to program cells.

With this platform, we can develop medicines with the potential to get to the cell we want, with various routes of administration, repeatedly, and with the desired therapeutic effect (from protein expression to cell programming).

Programming targeted, potent and tunable medicines

With our novel approach rooted in nature, Senda is developing a new class of fully programmable medicines across infectious, genetic, autoimmune, and metabolic diseases, as well as oncology indications.

The unique properties of these medicines include tissue targeting beyond the liver, repeatable dosing with sustained expression, tunable in vivo immunomodulation, and multiple routes of administration – creating new frontiers for mRNA therapeutics and vaccines (our initial area of focus), with further potential to transform the gene editing and protein-based therapy landscapes as well.

Senda has demonstrated the potential of its platform across each of these areas in hundreds of preclinical studies, in species ranging from rodents to non-human primates.