Senda harnesses the power of the interconnected, multi-species ecosystem within us to transform the way we treat and prevent disease.

Advancing an entirely new field of science

From the microbes we host to the plants we ingest, there are more non-human species inside of us — entire ecosystems — than stars in our galaxy.

How these systems interact and communicate is as fundamental as genetics in defining human health and disease.

Discovery Platform
The discovery platform for the pharmacy within us

The great lesson of Intersystems Biology is that there are no fixed boundaries between species. Now, with the right tools, data and analysis, we can understand and leverage these powerful interactions.

Programmable Medicines
Creating new categories of life-changing medicines

Pioneering a new field of science and technology enables altogether new types of medicines — potentially safer, more precise, and more convenient than current standards of care.

Senda can and will change patients' lives starting with some of humanity's most urgent healthcare needs.