X‑VIA™ Platform — the exchange of life

Senda’s X‑VIA™ platform is the first to systematically mine Intersystems Biology for therapeutic possibilities. With molecular-level resolution, we are building the first atlas of interspecies exchange mechanisms.


With X‑VIA™ we have already identified a number of powerful interspecies exchange mechanisms with tremendous potential for therapeutic use, including:

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  • Efficient cellular uptake and endosomal escape for macromolecules like nucleic acids, enabling translation or other functions

  • Synthesis of therapeutic proteins such as enzymes and antigens at sites within the body

  • Molecules shuttled to the appropriate organ or tissue for therapeutic effect

  • Therapeutic proteins are actively secreted directly into human cells

  • Panoply of natural biological messages we can leverage to guide, e.g., endocrine, immunological, and neurological activity

Creating Programmable Medicines

We are harnessing the versatility that comes from millennia of evolution to create a new generation of programmable medicines.

Meet our Team

At Senda, we are one company, one team. We deliver cutting-edge work together through a culture of respect, curiosity, and determination.