Mark Umbarger, Ph.D.
Head of Discovery
Senda Biosciences

Mark Umbarger is the Head of Discovery at Senda Biosciences. Mark has over 17 years of experience building and translating enabling technologies in the life sciences.

Most recently, Mark served as the Vice President of Research and Development at Good Start Genetics, a genetic information company that was acquired by Invitae. At Good Start Genetics Mark built the company’s genetic testing platform from the ground up, leading to the successful testing of over 200k patients in the reproductive health space. 

Mark completed his PhD in Genetics in the laboratory of George Church at Harvard Medical School, where he helped build one of the first forms of next generation DNA sequencing and applied this technology to develop new insights into the three-dimensional structure of entire microbial genomes. Mark is the author of 20 patents and patent applications and has published in premier journals such as Molecular Cell and Genetics in Medicine.