Senda Biosciences Featured on Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas List

Senda Biosciences

Senda Biosciences Featured on Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas List
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 2, 2023 – Fast Company has recognized Senda Biosciences as part of its 2023 list of World Changing Ideas in the Health Category, which honors medical innovations that save lives, extend longevity, or increase access to care. Fast Company recognized Senda for building a pioneering platform and pipeline of therapeutics that harness nature’s codes to fully unlock programmable medicines. 

Senda’s unique platform, inspired by the power of natural nanoparticles, enables scientists to program information molecules – such as mRNAs, DNA, siRNA, gene editors, proteins and other biomolecules – both within the cell and to the cell of choice. This aims to solve a fundamental challenge facing the field of programmable medicines, which today can generate new therapeutic candidates based on the genetic code, but cannot specifically program these innovative therapies to the cells driving disease – limiting the full therapeutic potential.

Human and non-human cells have coevolved to continually exchange molecules via natural nanoparticles that precisely shuttle biomolecules into human cells, providing the missing pieces to fully unlock programmable medicines. Senda’s proprietary platform is the first to leverage this universal chemical routing” code of natural nanoparticles that enable cross-kingdom intercellular communication.

Using proprietary analytical methods, the company deconstructs the molecular composition of these natural nanoparticles, and uses modeling to help understand which molecules from the nanoparticles can be brought together through a combination of empirical experiments that lead to information that can be used for programming. The company is programming nanoparticles with key bioproperties needed for drug development, including specific cell and tissue targeting and repeatable dosing.

It’s an honor to be recognized for our platform, as we work to unlock the full potential of programmable medicines and develop medicines for patients who today have limited therapeutic options,” said Guillaume Pfefer, Ph.D., CEO of Senda Biosciences and CEO-Partner of Flagship Pioneering. By harnessing the power of natural nanoparticles to program information molecules to specific cell targets, we are pioneering a novel field that will enable us to build a pipeline of comprehensively programmed medicines to treat a wide array of diseases.” 

About Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award

Now in its seventh year, World Changing Ideas is one of Fast Company’s major annual awards programs and is focused on social good, seeking to elevate finished products and brave concepts that make the world better. A panel of judges from across sectors choose winners, finalists, and honorable mentions from more than 2,200 entries based on feasibility and the potential for impact. With the goals of awarding ingenuity and fostering innovation, Fast Company draws attention to ideas with great potential and helps them expand their reach to inspire more people to start working on solving the problems that affect us all. For the full list of 2023 World Changing Ideas, click here.

About Senda Biosciences

Senda Biosciences, Inc. is committed to bringing life-changing treatments to patients by harnessing millennia of evolution to program human cells both within and to the cell. Senda’s proprietary platform is the first to leverage a universal chemical addressing code of natural nanoparticles that enable cross-kingdom intercellular communication. This platform unlocks comprehensive programming of medicines for the first time, allowing Senda to develop a new class of SendRNA™ medicines focused initially on powering new frontiers in immunology mRNA-based therapies, with future applications employing other information molecules, including siRNA, gene editors, proteins, and peptides. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Senda was founded by Flagship Pioneering. 


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