Novel Medicines

Equipped with the unique insights that only Intersystems Biology provides, Senda is positioned to develop transformative therapeutics in multiple disease categories. We expect to have programs advancing to first-in-human trials by the end of 2021.

Four Distinct Interspecies functions

We have uncovered an initial set of interspecies functions to target for pharmacological intervention. These focus areas guide which programs we select in order to maximize our chance of success.

Co-opting Interspecies Signaling

Interspecies singaling is the body’s original pharmacy, utilizing evolutionary connections between microbes, plants, and humans to regulate immunity, neural behaviors, and other processes. We are pairing these molecular insights with precisely targeted therapies for safe, potent approaches to treat and prevent disease.

Senda Programs

  • Immuno-oncology*
  • Metabolic disease*
  • Neurology

*First-in-human expected by 1H 2022

Blocking Toxin Production

Microbes can convert molecules from our diet into toxins, leading to years of toxic exposure if left unchecked. We are leading efforts to block these disease-driving processes.

Senda Programs

  • Chronic disease*
  • Colorectal cancer

*First-in-human expected by 1H 2022

Preventing Drug Degradation

Many microbes perceive oral medicines as a food source, and break them down for energy before they can get to human cells. We are using Intersystems Biology to develop inhibitors of these processes to maintain and extend drug efficacy.

Senda Programs

  • Neurology

Co-opting Interspecies Transfer

Microbes and plants have unique tools for exchanging large cargo with human cells. We are leveraging these tools to deliver large biomolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins and peptides for therapeutic purposes, including orally.

Future Treatment Areas

  • Infectious disease vaccines
  • Cancer vaccines
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Oral tolerance
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