Intersystems Biology

In every ecosystem, including the human body, organisms work together and against each other to maximize resource utilization. Biologically, this manifests as a continuous bidirectional exchange of potent molecules.

An expansive, dynamic universe within

The staggering amount of biological diversity in the human body — thousands of species, representing every kingdom of biology — means there are limitless opportunities to impact health and disease. Each pathway connecting one organism to another represents a distinct point for potential molecular intervention.

An unprecedented view

Intersystems Biology maps how different biological systems — plants, bacteria, and humans for example — interrelate through direct molecular connections and networks which have coevolved over millennia. It turns out that these direct interactions define many health and disease states.

Our genesis: the evolution of a field

Senda is the first company to integrate biochemistry and genetics across all kingdoms of the human ecosystem, with a focus on bacteria, plants and human biology.

Our Opportunity

We can harness the power of Intersystems Biology to phar­ma­co­log­i­cally direct interspecies interactions to create life-changing medicines.

  • Tapping into the powerful signaling networks behind interspecies communication

  • Preventing production of harmful molecules associated with disease

  • Maintaining potency of therapeutic compounds by preventing bacterial metabolism

  • Microbes and plants have unique tools for exchanging large cargo with human cells. We are leveraging these tools to deliver large biomolecules — such as nucleic acids, proteins and peptides for therapeutic purposes — in new ways, including orally.

Explore our Discovery Platform

The Senda discovery platform is the engine that drives our Intersystems Biology approach, providing industry-changing insights to power the discovery of new targets, pathways, biomarkers and bioassays.

Creating Novel Medicines

Senda Biosciences develops new and unprecedented therapeutics at the intersection of evolving life sciences and biotechnologies.


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