Intersystems Biology

We are a system of systems, human and non-human. The constant molecular exchange between the trillions of human and non-human cells within us, such as plant and bacterial cells, defines life as profoundly as our genetics.

An expansive, dynamic universe within

There is a staggering amount of biological diversity in the human body, with thousands of species representing every kingdom of life in constant molecular exchange with our human cells. This point of exchange between one organism and a human cell represents an incredibly powerful mechanism with the ability to significantly impact our health — the product of millennia of co-evolution.

Fig 1. Interconnected Universe Within
Our cells are constantly exchanging molecular information with other species, defining life as profoundly as our genetics

Harnessing the power of interspecies molecular exchanges

We can co-opt these powerful human / non-human molecular exchange mechanisms to achieve new frontiers for therapeutics in terms of tissue targeting, repeat dosing, immunomodulation, and enabling multiple routes of administration — creating new classes of programmable medicines.

Explore Our X-VIA™ Platform

Built on insights from Intersystems Biology, Senda’s X‑VIA™ platform is the first ever atlas of interspecies exchange mechanisms, enabling the development of next-generation nucleic acid, genetic and protein-based therapies.

Creating Programmable Medicines

We are harnessing the versatility that comes from millennia of evolution to develop new classes of transformative medicines.