We are charting a new course for the future of medicine with the latest advances in biomolecular programming and custom-designed nanoparticles—unlocking targeted, potent, and tunable medicines.

Medicines that go precisely where they’re needed

Our approach enables us to target a wide range of tissues and cells within the body—many of which are unreachable with current methods. By using natural programming language, we open the door to treating a broader range of diseases.

Fig 1. Senda opportunity space

Our targeting capabilities offer the potential to unlock any modality to almost any cell in the body.


In Progress

In Discovery

Tissues, modalities, and disease areas that can be unlocked by Sendas platform. It includes modalities like mRNA and gene editors, tissues like the liver and lungs, and disease areas like vaccines.

Creating a new class of programmable medicines


We can access difficult-to-reach cells, unlocking novel approaches to in vivo cell programming for infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, immuno-oncology applications, metabolic disorders, and genetic diseases.


Programmed for greater precision, our SendRNA medicines can achieve high levels of protein expression or antibody response using significantly lower doses than current industry benchmarks, allowing for more potent vaccines and therapies with fewer off-target effects and improved tolerability.


Through nanoparticle and information molecule programming, we can tune therapeutic function across multiple dimensions, including duration of effect, immune response, and route of administration—enabling a new level of design for performance.”

Limitless opportunity

We are building the future of medicine with technology that makes it possible for us to go after the most intractable diseases.

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