Discovery Platform

Combining extensive human sampling of previously uncharted tissues with advanced computational biology, we have generated unprecedented insights into interspecies interactions within the human body — enabling us to uniquely harness the power of the pharmacy within us.

Superior data, sharper resolution

Our own multi-kingdom bodies are more inclusive and interconnected than we’ve ever understood before. The Senda discovery platform offers unparalleled resolution into interspecies connections. Simply put — whatever we look at, we see more.


Stool-based Methods


Species Variation


Gene Variation


Metabolite Variation

Fig. 1 Our Platform

The Senda discovery platform can identify, quantify, and locate molecular connections with hundreds of times the diversity of traditional stool-based sampling methods—we have already identified tens of thousands of novel interspecies interactions.

Mapping the GI tract like never before

Senda has built the first ever molecular map of the human GI tract — locations, interactions and crucial data connecting our gut with the rest of our entire body.

*Senda proprietary data
Fig 2. 3D GI Map

The unique geospecific insights from the discovery platform not only suggest new interventions for a multitude of diseases, but also indicate what type of molecule would need to be where to be effective—guiding highly precise deployment.

Enhancing scientific discoveries and improving translation into novel medicines

With this unique high-resolution view of interspecies interactions, we can:

  • Identify new targets for therapeutics
  • Identify new bioassays and biomarkers to accelerate and de-risk the clinical development process
  • Design molecules with highly precise deployment, improving their safety profile
Creating Novel Medicines

At the intersection of evolving science and technology, we are already creating therapeutics, with more on the way.

Meet our Team

We are working at the forefront of science, technology, and business to bring real medicines to market.